Entry Info for Riders

Entries are open to anyone with a British Cycling membership and full racing licence. Age categories range from Under-14 (Youth B, born 2003-4) through to various over-40/50/60 categories.

Entries close on 7 December 2016.

Entries will be accepted subject to meeting the qualifying standards outlined in cyclo-cross regulation 7.2.9 (in the case of regulation riders with 10 or more ranking points will be accepted) – see below for more details. The provisional maximum field size for each race is 100 for single wave starts, or 140 where there are 2 start waves (e.g youth categories).

In practice this limit is only likely to come into play in the Youth Boys, Veteran Men 40-49 and Veteran Men 50+ categories. At the published closing date of 7 December (12 noon) selection of remaining entries up to the field limit will be made. If there are places remaining in any category, entries will be reopened for a further 4 days, until the end of Sunday 11 December.

Read more at https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/151691/British-Cycling-National-Cyclo-Cross-Championships#sFCq30wCIQjvbClv.99

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(Taken from British Cycling’s CX Regulations – pdf download)

National Championships

Each season the Federation shall authorise the conducting of a National Championship for each of the following categories:
Senior men
Under 23 men
Under 23 women
Junior men
Junior women
Youth Under 16 men
Youth Under 16 women
Youth Under 14 men
Youth Under 14 women
Veteran men (40-49)
Veteran women
Veteran men (50+)
At the discretion of the Federation, certain championship categories may be contested within a single race.
The winner of each category as defined in regulation 7.2.1 shall be awarded a national championship jersey.
The Federation shall award gold, silver and bronze medals to the the first three finishers in each category as defined in regulation 7.2.1, with the exception of the Veteran men (40-49), Veteran men (50+) and Veteran women categories, which are covered by the provisions of 7.2.5 below.
The Veteran men (40-49) Veteran men (50+) and Veteran women championship races shall additionally be organised as classified events, with gold, silver and bronze medals awarded in each classification as follows: Vet 40, Vet 45, Vet 50, Vet 55, Vet 60, Vet 65, Vet 70+.
Regulations 7.2.3, 7.2.4 and 7.2.5 above shall be subject to the provisions of general technical regulation 17.8.2.
The Federation shall provide a set of three medals for the first team in each championship, provided that at least three teams have entered. The team championship shall be awarded to the team whose best three finishing positions, when added together, are the lowest aggregate total. In the case of a tie, the team with the best placed third competitor shall be the winner.
Entries for all National Championships must be in the official entry format.
Qualifying standards for each National Championship shall be:
the first 3 finishers in each regional Championship of the relevant category in the current season.
the first 20 finishers in each National Trophy series event of the relevant category in the current season.
the first 20 finishers in the previous season’s National Championship of the relevant category, provided they remain eligible.
the first 20 finishers in the previous season’s National Championship of the next youngest age category, provided they are now eligible.
Selection of further entries based on ability. The ranking points of the relevant category on 1st December of the same season shall be the primary index.
The Cyclo-Cross Commission shall determine whether a maximum field size shall be applied to each Championship.