The course is expected to be a typical Bradford parkland combination of drier semi-woodland and grassland on the high side of the main tarmac straight, with heavy mud and steep climbs and descents on the lower areas of the park.

It’s generally a wet and heavy course by the early New Year and it’s usually sensible to expect to change your bike twice a lap. There are usually plenty of opportunities for riders with the ability to run to make progress.

A large pit area is planned, with tap water available nearby, but, as ever, self sufficiency in water is always advisable. There are always likely to be changes for the event itself based on weather and course conditions.



Course Ride – this video shot by Dave Haygarth shows the course of several years ago. The 2017 course is expected to be very different, but this video is a useful guide as to the type of terrain you will encounter

National Trophy 2010 – a look back to the 2010 race at the venue, again giving you a good idea of the kind of conditions likely to be encountered at this hilly and muddy venue.